Previous Winners



Downhill Skateboard Opens – Kevin Reimer (CAN) 

Downhill Skateboard Women – Marrisa Nunez (PERU)

Downhill Skateboard Juniors- Connor Ferguson (AUS)

Street Luge- Graham Brittain (AUS)

Classic Luge- Cédric Robert (SWI)



Downhill Skateboard Opens – Mischo Erban (CAN)

Downhill Skateboard Women - Marrisa Nunez (PERU)

Downhill Skateboard Juniors-  Jayden Mitchell (AUS)

Street Luge- David Dean (USA)

Classic Luge- Micheal English (AUS)

Downhill Incline- Kathryn Daview (AUS)

Downhill Mens Elite- Chris Kvarik (AUS)

Downhill Womens Elite- Claire Buchar(AUS)

Duel Slalom Elite Male- Joe Veivoda (AUS)

Duel Slalom Elite Female- Vanessa Thompson (AUS)

King of Dirt Pro- Brandon Loupos (AUS)

King of Dirt Amateur- Boyd Hilder (AUS)

King of MTB- Benny Phillips (AUS)

Ramp Pro- Kyle Baldoch (AUS)

Ramp Amatuer- Boyd Hilder (AUS)

Scooter Pro – Ryan Williams (AUS)

Scooter Amateur- Josh Newbert (AUS)




Downhill Skateboard Opens – Kevin Reimer (CAN)

Downhill Skateboard Women – Katie Nelson (CAN)

Downhill Skateboard Juniors- Merrick Wildash (AUS)

Street Luge- Nick Duffield (AUS)

Classic Luge- Yvon Labarthe (SUI)

Downhill Incline- Sean Cunningham (AUS) 

Downhill Mens Elite- Bryn Atkinson (AUS) 

Downhill Womens Elite- Jill Kintner (USA)

King of Dirt Pro- Jaie Toohey (AUS)

Scooter Amateur – Royce King (AUS)




Downhill Skateboard Opens –  Kevin Reimer (CAN)

Downhill Skateboard Women – Brianne Davies (CAN)

Downhill Skateboard Juniors- Evren Ozan (USA)

Street Luge- Nick Duffield (AUS)

Classic Luge- Andrew Lally (USA)

Downhill Incline- Sean Cunningham (AUS)

Gravity Bikes- Brett Phillips (AUS)




Downhill Skateboard Opens – Erik Lundberg (SWE)

Street Luge- Nick Duffield (AUS)

Classic Luge- Abdil Mahdzan (MAL)

Downhill Incline- Sean Cummingham (AUS)

Gravity Bikes- Sholto Allbrook (AUS)

Hydrid Slalom- Steve Daddow (AUS)

Giant Slalom – Steve Daddow (AUS)

Downhill Mens Elite- Garreth Patton (AUS)

Duel Slalom Elite Male- Bryn Atkinson & Cillain Kenedy

Duel Slalom Elite Female- Cara Smith (AUS)

King of Dirt Pro – Cam Pianta (AUS)

King of Dirt Amateur- Ryan Saville (AUS)


Newtons 2018 is April 6th - 8th April 2018

Newtons is on again in 2018. ASRA will be hosting the IDF Downhill World Cup on Mt Panorama. The fastest skateboarders and lugers on the planet will battle it out to see who will be crowned the Newtons Champion.

Help us recycle our hay

This year ASRA is donating its haybales from Newtons to the Hayrunners. Help us by sponsoring a haybale for $10

Freeride at Newtons this year!!

For the first time in 9 years ASRA is opening up Newtons to freeriders. Freeride ticket is only $100, you get as many runs as your legs can handle on Friday AND a competitor tee shirt. Got to freeride tab under IDF WORLD Cup to register

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